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Welcome to the place for all things Jeremy.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Recently a friend of mine asked I’d do him a favor and do a sketch of Sam from the television show Supernatural, for an employee. Since he’s a great guy and I’m going to be in his neck of the woods soon, how could I say no? What he didn’t know was that I’m a pretty big fan of the Winchester brothers and couldn’t pass up the chance to do a little more than just a standard quick sketch.

I thought I’d go ahead and give you a peek at the process on the piece from pencils to finished greytones. This was done pretty quickly over the Christmas weekend. It’s fairly straightforward, but was a lot of fun.

Pencils:  The pencils were pretty standard. I penciled a little tighter than I usually try to now-a-days. I was a little nervous about getting the likeness right. That sort of thing is never easy and one of the quickest ways to earn the ire of Supernatural fans is to not get the look of Sam and Dean right. I think I did okay with it.


Ink linework:  After fussing over the pencils, getting everything just right , the inks went really quickly. Everything was done here with either a Hunt 102 Crowquill or Micron pens. As usual, I did all of the organic lines with the crowquill and everything else with the pens.

Ink fills: Once the linework was finished, all of the grey pencil areas were filled with brush and ink.

Greytones: I already showed this one earlier, but I’m O.C.D… After the ink fills were added, I kind of wanted to go in and give the piece just a little more depth. Usually for this sort of thing, I’d use Copic markers or even a bit of watercolor. This time around I opted to use inkwash. This gets a LITTLE tricky. The green bottle Yasutomo Sumi ink I use isn’t completely waterproof. Going in with any kind of water can be risky. I had to go in quickly and try to be concise, out the gate, so that nothing got smudged. The scan is a little light. I should have messed with it some more, but  it’ll do.

All in all, I’m really happy with this piece. I showed it to my buddy and he said that she was going to love it. I’ll get to see her reaction next week. If it’s good enough, I might just have to do a Dean to go with it. 🙂

Alright, I’m off to bed. Busy day tomorrow!





Friday, December 30, 2011


NEXT WEDNESDAY, January 4th, I’m going to be signing at The Fantasy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri, as a part of the big Top Cow “ARTIFACTS- END OF THE WORLD EVENT”.

I’ll be there signing copies of Artifacts #12, doing sketches, and hanging out.  As a part of this, I’m going to have a VERY limited edition of Darkness prints available. They’re going to be beautiful, 8 x 15 in images, silkscreened on a really nice watercolor stock. These are pretty high end things, but for this signing, I’m only going to be asking $10 each for them.

I’m going to be appearing at two store locations so, if you’re in the area there are twice the chances of me signing near you!

Fantasy Shop Florissant
8232 N Lindbergh Blvd
Florissant, MO 63031



Fantasy Shop South County
10560 Baptist Church Road
St. Louis, MO 63128


For those of you that aren’t in the area be sure to check out my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds for pretty constant updates of the event.  We’re going to be posting all day with shots of the sketches I do and the fun along the way.

I’m going to post a shot of the prints, once I get them, in a day or so.



Friday, December 30, 2011


I’m behind on Life Drawing posts. Sorry about that.

We met a few weeks ago for our 31st session. Our model for this studio was Christina. It was her first time modeling and she did a fantastic job.

As usual, we did 10 one minute, 5 two minute, 4 five minute, 2 ten minute, and a final 20 minute drawing.

Here are a few pieces that I liked from this session. I hope you dig em!


1 minute drawings



2 minute drawigs

5 minute drawings



10 minute drawings



20 minute drawing


I’m glad that we’ve gotten back to Life Drawing. It’s nice to just cut loose and draw.

I’ll post another session next week.







Sunday, December 25, 2011


A big Happy Holidays to you and yours! May the time with friends and family, good food, drink, and gifts be plentiful.

I decided to do this fun marker piece last night. It was pretty fun. I hope you dig it. …once I figure out exactly how I want to do it, I’m going to have a little contest and give it away.

Okay, I think I’d better turn in so that Santa brings me cool stuff. 🙂




Thursday, December 15, 2011


I’m hard at work on my upcoming DARKNESS run and having an absolute blast!

Tonight I took a short break from that and drew up this promo piece for my upcoming signing at The Fantasy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri. I’m going to be there as a part of the big Top Cow “ARTIFACTS- END OF THE WORLD EVENT”. As a part of that I’m going to have limited, special edition prints of this piece available at the signing. I thought I’d go ahead and give everyone a sneak peek at it. They’ll be limited for the event, so if you’re in the St. Louis area drop by the shop, say hi, have me sketch or sign some stuff, and pick one up.

I’ll be appearing at two locations, while I’m there.

Fantasy Shop Florissant
8232 N Lindbergh Blvd
Florissant, MO 63031

Fantasy Shop South County
10560 Baptist Church Road
St. Louis, MO 63128

For more information on the times that I’ll be at each location, please feel free to contact the helpful staff at either shop and they’ll let you know!

Alright, that’s about it for now. More fun stuff later this week!








Monday, December 12, 2011


In just a couple of weeks, two days before Christmas, the new sci-fi film, DARKEST HOUR hits theaters everywhere.

I had the opportunity, along with a group of other comic artists, to do single image illustrations that would be a part of a promotional webcomic, for the movie. The film follows five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack.

We  were asked to go illustrate other parts of the world and how the are effected by the attack. I was asked to draw the Kowloon City district of Hong Kong. The Kowloon district is this AMAZING packed area of Hong Kong. It was a real challenge to go in and give the depth and texture it deserves.

One thing that made this image an extra challenge is that everything you see is actually drawn on separate layers. It made for a really cool effect, but it added a extra time and a bit more thought than I’m used to. 🙂

Just for fun, I’m including this gif showing the all of the layers that went into the image. Click on the image below and watch it do it’s thing. Hope you dig it!

Alright, that’s about it for this one. I’m going to head to bed. As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the web.


Thursday, December 8, 2011



ME:  I really hate having to wait to show everyone this double splash page. I kind of want to show it.

EDITOR:  Well, why don’t you then!



That’s pretty much the conversation when I came whining to my editor, Filip Sablik,  wanting to show off the double page spread from Artifacts #12. I’ve got a bit more about this series that I’m going to say in a post early next week, but I really feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist over the course of Artifacts. I’m crazy proud of the book. I really proved to myself (and hopefully some of you) that I can do epic. I think this double splash is a prime example of that. I hope you all dig it.



Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So, voting has officially started for the 2011 Pilot Season over on the Top Cow website. THE BEAUTY, the book that I drew and co-wrote with Jason A. Hurley is one of the eight books competing, this year. Competition is high and the only way that we can finish this story is if we win.

Here is  how voting works–
Preliminary voting begins December 5th and runs through December 18th on our site. You guys can vote how many times as you want! Vote to your heart’s content! This is the best way to get your favorite book into the semifinals, so vote, vote, vote!

The top four books will continue onto the Semifinals, which is from December 19th through December 25th. You can only vote once per day for these.

Finally, the Finals are where the top two duke it out from December 25th through December 31st. You only have one vote per day, and the top vote-getter between the two will be deemed our new Top Cow miniseries!

Jason and I are crazy proud of this book. It’s something we’ve worked very hard on and a story that we absolutely want to finish. The only way that we can do that is with your help. Now through the 18th you can vote as many times as your heart desires and we appreciate every single click.

Thanks so much for your support and votes.