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Welcome to the place for all things Jeremy.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

NYCC 2013! (AA W10-12)



It’s that time again!  New York Comic Con is this weekend, October 10-13. I’m going to be set up in Artist’s Alley with the rest of the group from BAD KARMA (Alex Grecian, B. Clay Moore, and Seth Peck). We’ve got a big set up this year (Tables W10-12).

We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned for the show.  On Thursday, October 10th, make plans to attend the Bad Karma Panel at 4:15 in Panel room 1A15.  We’ll be giving away lots of freebies at the panel. Afterward, all four of us will be around to sign and chat.

We will have copies of Bad Karma Vol 1–both the standard and the slipcase versions.  We have Bad Karma KRAKEN t-shirts in sizes xs to 2x.


Also, come by and grab the extremely limited con exclusive T-shirt, featuring the sixties Kraken logo (as seen in BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE). $20.00 per shirt. Printed on 50/50 American Apparel shirts.including our NYCC 2013 exclusive shirt–these are very limited, come by early if you want one.


Another NYCC exclusive item is a sneak peak print by Andrew MacLean of Bad Karma Vol 2.  We also have a couple other prints and a few of Mark Englert’s hand-pulled screen print of the gatefold.


At my table I will have books and trades, original art, prints, and sketchbooks. I will also be doing commissions–come by to get on the list early as there are limited slots.  All sketches will be done on 9×12 board or comparable sized sketchbook, in pen and ink with Copic Marker color.  I also have several copies of the Riddler with the linticular cover.


Come by and pick something up and stop for a chat.  Hope to see you there!



Tuesday, October 8, 2013



It’s been far too long since I’ve posted. I’m sorry about that.  I always intend to. I even try. Here’s the truth of it– something has to give, in my life. Almost always, unfortunately, that’s going to be computer stuff. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up the blog. I just have to realize that I can’t keep up with it like I’d like and gaps are going to happen.

So yeah, I’ve been…busy. This has been kind of an odd year.

After two years working exclusively for Top Cow, they decided to change things up, and end The Darkness. While I had planned on sticking around for a bit longer–David Hine and I had to wrap things up faster than we would liked– there are no hard feelings here. They have a plan for The Darkness. It’s a smart move. One made to ensure that the book and character can thrive down the road.

With The Darkness ending with #116, I needed to line up the next thing. I had a bit of lead in–Top Cow gave me plenty of notice about the change.  I spoke with a few places and ended up getting an offer to come back and play in the Batman office at DC. Having worked for them before, it was an easy transition back to my favorite characters in comics.

I was offered two Villains Month issues– Batman 23.2 RIDDLER  (written by Ray Fawkes and Scott Snyder) and Batman & Robin 23.3 RA’S AL GHUL (written by James Tynion IV).  I have to admit, I couldn’t have had more fun working on two books. They were completely different and just spot on perfect.

Those books lead to another opportunity to work with James Tynion. This time, though, it was also a return to one of my favorite characters, Jason Todd/Red Hood. I leapt at the chance to draw Red Hood and the Outlaws #25. It was a joy getting to revisit Jason again. Interestingly enough, this was also a chance to tell the New 52 version of Jason at the same age as he was in RED HOOD: THE LOST DAYS.

As I wrapped that up, I was asked to come on as the artist of BATWOMAN. There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the book lately. ALL of the parties involved I consider friends and absolutely brilliant talent. I’m going to stay out of the minutia of all of that. I am just going to say this– Marc Andreyko and I absolutely love and respect Kate Kane/Batwoman and we’re going to work hard to do right by her– and the legacy that Greg Rucka, JH Williams, and Haden Blackman built. …and yeah…I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous.

So amidst all of this work, I somehow managed to hit four conventions in six weeks. (I’m actually typing this on the plane ride to NYCC) I think that puts me somewhere near 14 shows for the year. Needless to say…that’s just too damned many. I love cons. I love going to different parts of the country (and world), meeting fans and supporting the medium. I just can’t quite continue to do it at this pace. I’m getting old.

After some deliberation and a real look at scheduling, I’m going to have to cut my con appearances down to 6-7 shows. I hate cutting any out of my schedule. I dig small local shows just as much as the big ones. Something just hast to give. So next year I’m going to be doing a few specific shows in the states and then I’d really like to hit a couple shows outside of the country. MEFCC in Dubai is on that list. It was easily one of the best convention experiences I’ve ever had, amidst some of the warmest, most enthusiastic fans.

If you’re a show runner and you’re interested in me trying to make it to your show, by all means, still drop me a line.  If you’d like me to try and make it to your local show, let the people running the show know.

So that’s it for the updating. Now you know why I’ve been away from the keyboard.

I do have one other bit of housekeeping I need to do.

I get a lot of requests for private commissions outside of conventions. I need to just go ahead and say that I’m not going to be able to do them. I’m sorry. I love doing commissions for people. I’m honored that anyone would like a personal piece of my work. I’ve just been running into situations with scheduling more and more often where I’m not able to finish them with any real speed. Almost EVERYONE is absolutely fantastic about it and incredibly understanding. …the ones, very occasionally, that aren’t…aren’t. The truth is, drawing is my job. I draw seven days a week, an average of 12hrs a day, working on books. Deadlines are deadlines and I have to hit those. It’s my job. Owing someone something weighs on me. It ‘s just a horrible feeling.

SO, at least for a good while…a year or two, I’m not going to be taking commissions outside of conventions. I’m still doing my usual commissions at shows. I’m truly sorry, but that’s going to have to be it. I can’t take something home and send it. I can’t take on a special piece. I have to cut back. I need to be able to feel okay about spending time with my family or going to a movie. Remember…I’m getting old.

And that’s about it. I love what I do. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Now I’m going to take a nap. I could use one of those.