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Tuesday, December 11, 2012


A few months back, B. Clay Moore, Alex Grecian, and Seth Peck came to me and asked me to join their new writing collective Bad Karma. From there we built something truly special. We, like most people in the comics industry, had been following Kickstarter, a creative crowd sourcing website. Kickstarter has been something that the comics industry has been talking about quite a bit for the past year or so. Our project, BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE, a special edition two hundred page graphic novel was perfect for it.

Kickstarter is an uniquely amazing site that serves as a crowd funding tool.  It allows individuals to see what a project consists of and determine if they would like it.  It’s not a publisher or  distributor determining what gets made—it’s the end user!  It goes directly to the target market.  These individuals are able to contribute to the overall funds needed to make the project a reality.  We decided Kickstarter would be the perfect way to bring Bad Karma directly to you, the fans.  We have been able to bring together a great group of artists and a really cool story, exactly in the way we want to tell it.

The way Kickstarter works is unique.  We had our project. We knew exactly what we wanted to do.   From there we built an informational page on Kickstarter about it through video, pictures, and text to describe what the book is. In addition to that, we came up with some really special, unique incentives– things you just couldn’t practically do going the usual publishing route. We have strived for the incentives to be something we, ourselves, would want.  Now that the project is live, the idea is to let people know it’s out there and that they can play a part in the project by backing it!  Our incentives range from $5 to $5000.  You can pre-order a signed copy of the book, you can get original art, hell, you can even have lunch with Clay, Alex, Seth, and me next year at Heroes Con!

The trick to Kickstarter is that you establish your funding goal when you set up the project.  For us, this goal includes the production cost of printing the book, the cost of paying the artists, plus the cost of the incentives.   Now we just have to meet or exceed that goal!  If not, none of the project is funded.  It’s all or nothing.

IF we exceed the goal we have a ton of exciting upgrades and unlockables planned for the project along the way. Some of them are pretty lavish. One is even a second “making of” book. That one is going to be pricey for us to produce, but if we can, it’s something that we definitely want to do.

Assuming we make our goal, everything hits high speed.  The incentives and the book go into production.  We already have a good portion of the art and story underway.   To make our official release in June of 2013 at Heroes Con in Charlotte, all parts of the book will be finished up by February—then off to the printer.  During the same time, the other incentives–t-shirts, original art, cool coasters—will all be getting shipped out.  It’s going to be a busy spring!

We’ve already had a FANTASTIC first day. Better than we could have hoped for. We owe all of that to our friends and fans that have supported the project so far.

Please take a few moments and check out Bad Karma on Kickstarter here–

It’s a labor of love, and I’m damned proud of it.  Even if you aren’t able to financially contribute, if you like what you see, spread the word. It would mean a lot to us.

Thanks so much!
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