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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today, as we reach day three of the BAD KARMA Kickstarter, I thought I’d give everyone a preview of my story for BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE.

CHAOS AGENT is a story that I’ve been kicking around for quite a while.  When I was asked to be a part of BAD KARMA, I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to tell it.


The world is run by chaos. Literally. Hidden in a subterranean chamber is the chaos engine and we feed it every day. It is the thing that holds our reality together.

Chaos Agents are tasked with creating situations of large scale chaos. Sometimes it’s things we see, sometimes it is not. The trick is, Chaos Agents are the good guys. They aren’t trying to destroy the world, they are trying to keep it going. They use chaos mathematics to aid in this. Large scale equations are used to cause massive traffic jams throughout the city or blackout an entire grid, etc. Simple math gives agents special abilities. With the right equation they can do unbelievable, world changing things. It’s all there in the math. 

With chaos comes order. There is another group who’s sole task is to stop the chaos agents. Shift the balance. Stop the machine. And they are winning. 

This is a story that needed a dynamic artist. Luckily I got to talking with Canadian animator Mike Tisserand and we hit it off. From the moment I saw his work, I knew he was perfect for the concept. Mike is an unbelievable talent. I’m happy to be working with him.

So here are the first four pages of CHAOS AGENT. I hope you dig them as much as I do.

And that’s about enough for right now. I don’t want to give away too much more, right now. We’ve got more work in the can and Mike is working hard on the issue as I type this.

If you enjoy this preview and want to help insure that you can read CHAOS AGENT and all of the other stories from BAD KARMA VOLUME ONE, please visit the following link and help support the Kickstarter project.

Even if you can’t contribute financially, even spreading the word via Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and Instagram is a HUGE help and we certainly appreciate it.

Look for more updates on the progress of Bad Karma, soon!


-Jeremy @ 9:07 AM 2 Comments »


  1. Nightcraws said:
    I watched the video linked on Kickstart and it looks like a really fun project done by a great list of creators. I decided to back it and pledged $100.


  2. Jeremy Haun said:
    Thanks for the support, Paul! Means a lot, man!


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