Jeremy Haun is the current artist on Constantine. Wolf Moon, by Jeremy and Cullen Bunn, debuted in December from DC. He recently completed a run on Batwoman. Over the past decade plus, along with wearing calluses on his fingers doing work for DC, Marvel, Image, and others, he has created and written several projects. Some you might know are graphic novel Narcoleptic Sunday, Leading Man, and The Beauty, soon to be out from Image. He is a part of the Bad Karma Creative group, whose Bad Karma Volume One debuted at NYCC 2013, thanks to Kickstarter funding. Jeremy resides in a crumbling mansion in Joplin, Missouri with his wife and two superheroes-in-training.


  • Constantine (current-DC)

  • Wolf Moon (current-DC)

  • Batwoman (DC)

  • Riddler (DC)

  • Ra’s Al Ghul (DC)

  • Darkness (Top Cow)

  • Bad Karma (Independent)

  • Artifacts (Top Cow)

  • Batman Arkham Reborn (DC)

  • Batman: Streets of Gotham (DC)

  • Detective Comics (DC)

  • Gotham City Sirens (DC)

  • Red Hood (DC)

  • Iron Man: Civil War (Marvel)

  • Leading Man (Oni)

  • Battle Hymn (Image)

  • Beserker (Top Cow)