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Saturday, April 30, 2011


I’m a bit behind of posting, this week.  I’ve been working like a madman finishing up this issue of ARTIFACTS.  I’m REALLY proud of the way the issue is coming out.  I’ve put my all into the book and I can honestly say that I think it’s easily some of the best work of my career.

Of course, given that the issue is absolutely riddled with all kinds of spoilers, I still can’t show much more than a panel here and a panel there.  In spite of that, I’m happy to put up another cool Desk Shot.  Once again I’m drawing Tom Judge.  Among SO MANY amazing characters, Tom Judge is probably my favorite to draw.  His craggy “Rapture” look is something that I could draw every day.  He’s pretty badass.

Over the next couple of days, as I get the time and ink this page, I’ll put up a few more shots of this panel to share the progress.

Hope you dig it!
-Jeremy @ 5:41 AM 2 Comments »

2 Responses to “DESK SHOT 25!”

  1. Nightcraws said:
    Like I told you at C2E2 I could see you drawing a Tom Judge The Universe vol. 2 book after you wrap Artifacts and The Darkness :)


  2. Jeremy Haun said:
    I would write and draw a weekly Tom Judge book, if Filip and Top Cow would let me. :) I've actually got a Tom Judge story that I'm wanting to tell. Really want to do it. Bug Filip and the Top Cow folks and tell them to get on it! :) Thanks!


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